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A set of flash cards featuring the numbers from 0 to 10 in mandarin with simplified chinese characters and pronunciations. Learn chinese opposite words by tracing, coloring and writing. The 100 most common chinese words learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. Kindergarten chinese flash cards teachers pay teachers. And because hsk hanyu shuiping kouyu kaoshi is the most important chinese test for foreignersnon mandarin speakers, we made flashcards out of the hsk vocabulary as learning material. This blog post is available as a convenient and portable pdf that you can. Chinese flashcards learning a language is like a game of putting different chunks of what youre studying together to make a structure complete. Check out the following hsk educational flashcards to learn mandarin chinese language. Fruits in mandarin chinese picture books has 38 pages and features 30 flash cards including fruit photos and mandarin chinese words to help kids learn 30 kinds of common fruits in mandarin chinese.

Flashcards are a great way to learn vocabulary, either in the classroom or at home. Adjust your printer accordingly if you are going to print on thick or perforated business card paper open the flashcard pdf file with your pdf viewer and. Bopomofo zhuyin flashcards free printable pdf chinese. On the back of each flashcard, you can find the english translation including pinyin and tone. We also sell chinese crafts, chinese clothes and silk clothing. Flash cards remain one of the most effective tools for rapid memorization, and tuttles flash cards are the best available today. They correctly answer before taking a turn, practice while waiting for a turn. Cards with english definitions plus pinyin, followed by cards with chinese characters. Free printable chinese hsk1 flash cards chinese characters. This video has hsk level 1 vocabulary listed out word by word starting with chinese character, chinese audio, pinyin, and then finally english description. Printables are found throughout our site, but are grouped together here so they are easy to locate. Thats why weve created these mandarin chinese and spanish flash cards, which will help little kids learn to count to 20 and to say the words for 10 different colors. The flashcards use both simplified chinese characters hanzi and pinyin, and are available both online and as printable pdf files. That is why is now and will always totally free hsk vocabulary flashcards pdfs read more.

Printable chinese flashcards learn chinese, printable. Flashcard mandarin uploaded and added to chinese idioms and phrases 4 years ago 0. May 21, 2012 printable mandarin chinese flash cards pdf. I wanted to use some flash cards, so i created three sets of hsk1. A list of resources to help students study chinese. Print the fronts, then turn the pages over and print the backs. Vocabulary flash cards page 11 of 24 chinese, part 1. Bopomofo zhuyin flashcards free printable pdf chinese hacks. Click the image icon to upload or look up an image for each chinese character. Take them with you when you are traveling or waiting for the bus. I love visually creative tools for learning chinese, and these free bopomofo zhuyin flashcards fit right into that category.

They work just like the real world cardboard flashcards where there is. Print customize save click the customize button to view and edit the definition and pinyin of the characters as needed. Life education chinese hsk flashcards flashcards chinese english flashcards chinese chinese hsk flashcards flash cards chinese language learn chinese with flashcards most effective chinese learning. Learn hsk 1 vocabulary in 30 minutes tutormandarin chinese. If the pronunciation is the foundation, then the vocabulary are the bricks. And because hsk hanyu shuiping kouyu kaoshi is the most important chinese test for foreignersnonmandarin speakers, we made flashcards out of the hsk vocabulary as learning material. The flashcards also show words using the shown character so you can get an impression.

Sep 21, 2006 chinese mandarin flash cards cards september 21, 2006 by berlitz author 3. Sagebooks basic chinese 500 study cards mandarin mama. Cards with english definitions, followed by cards with chinese characters plus pinyin. It is recommended to use an extra thick paper quality. Printable mandarin chinese flash cards pdf sponge language for kids kids chinese language and culture. Learn hsk 1 vocabulary in 30 minutes tutormandarin. Mar 11, 2020 frequent looking at mandarin flashcards is the only way of effective study. Each simplified chinese character has a picture, english translation and mandarin chinese pinyin. Printable chinese flashcards learn chinese, printable flash. We are thrilled to announce that free printable pdf flashcards are available for all hsk. Language create, study and share online flash cards.

Best websites for learning mandarin chinese chinese flashcards, flashcards for kids. Chinese for kids flashcards vol 1 simplified chinese for kids flashcards vol 1 traditional chinese. The flash cards, audio cd and wall chart in this kit provide myriad entertaining ways to help children learn chinese. The most simple and i suppose the oldest method is creating paper mandarin flashcards. Besides, its a pain writing your own flashcardsliterally. Progress you make on one device is automatically synchronized with all of. Please let us know if any links become broken, we want you to actually receive what you want. I can hear you shouting well, bopomofo is the phonetic alphabet that is used in taiwan in lieu of pinyin and depending upon your choice of where to learn chinese, or if youre more interested in traditional chinese, it might be a viable. Oct 29, 20 flashcards are probably among the most effective ways to learn the chinese language. For children ages 5 and older to learn how to write simplified chinese words. Im going to let my friends who are learning chinese know about this. Click the save button to save the list, include the customized definitions and pinyin, for future use. Mandarin chinese numbers flashcard printable gus on the.

Based on your answers, our algorithm determines the next words to test you on. Please rotate your device to landscape mode for easier access. The flash cards can be printed on a printer that supports twosided printing, or you can print first one page, turn the paper over and feed it through your printer again for the second page. The yellowbridge chinese flashcards are designed to help students memorize as many chinese characters as possible. The 64 cards use everyday words and sentences to build vocabulary in a natural way. Chinasprout promotes learning of chinese language and culture by providing chinese and english books relating to chinese language, chinese test, chinese food, chinese zodiac, chinese symbols, chinese music, chinese tea, chinese calligraphy, chinese new year, moon festival, spring festival, dragon boat festival and chinese arts. Whether on a train from beijing to shanghai or sitting under a tree in berkeley, you can study chinese with this welldesigned, easytouse set of flashcards. Each front of the flashcard shows the mandarin word in chinese characters. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading chinese flash cards for hsk level 5. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Take out all the paper from the paper tray of your printer bring up your printer settings dialog, disable page scaling or fittopage option. For the pdf flashcard sheets with 4 to 10 cards per page, the odd pages contain the questions chinese wordsphrases while the even pages contain the definitions and pinyin. Digital product designed for selfprinting pdf format each a4 page features 10 flash cards.

In a similar vein, at, we believe to learn a language. There are 215 basic characters for beginning chinese language students. Dec 8, 2014 this is a fantastic resource for mandarin flash cards. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The printout can be used as poster, laminated as flash cards or as format of making sandpaper strokes, just as alphabets sandpaper letters. Then these hsk flashcards can help you memorise all those mandarin words more quickly.

Mandarin chinese numbers flashcard printable gus on the go. Practical advice and detailed applications on how to teach your kids chinese. Additional symbols, definitions and tones taken from the mandarin tools online chi. They work just like the real world cardboard flashcards where there is a prompt side and an answer side. Mandarin flashcards pdf hsk 5 part 4 premium schablone. On, you will find basic mandarin chinese flashcards and vocabulary exercises for children and beginners. Chinese flashcards for top simplified chinese characters. The flash cards can be printed on a printer that supports twosided printing, or you can print first one. We have built a set of flashcards for each lesson of kids way to chinese app or book, so that you can use it. See the included file, making and using math flash cards for more ideas. Chinese flash cards kit volume 1 tuttle publishing. Chinese characters strokes is the basic of writing chinese words. Flashcards can help you remember and learn new chinese characters.

However, regarding mandarin there may be an additional issue. Flashcards for kids worksheets for kids chinese flashcards mandarin lessons learn mandarin basic chinese chinese words chinese handwriting learn chinese characters. They will be helpful tool besides your hsk word lists and study material. Printable mandarin chinese and spanish flash cards want to give your child a head start on learning a foreign language.

If you print the flashcards on perforated business card paper, disable the page scaling or fittopage option on the printing settings to make the flashcard borders match. Download flashcards to teach lets go shopping for fruit students will learn words. Choose from 500 different sets of mandarin flashcards on quizlet. This is a fantastic resource for mandarin flash cards. Words you dont know get focused on, and new words only get unlocked when you are doing well. The vocabulary cards are divided into 19 categories, including food, numbers, electronics and vehicles. Vocabulary flash cards page 1 of 32 chinese, part 2. In this packet, there are 23 basic strokes included, six strokes per page.

Cue cards is a resource developed by eastern health, diversity and inclusion, to assist health professionals and clients carers who have english language difficulties or problems communicating with each other. Learn chinese yellowbridge chinese flashcards online flashcards for chinese textbooks. Numbers 010 in mandarin chinese flash cards with pronunciations numbers 010 in mandarin chinese flash. One willing to share and lend a hand to all its members.

The flashcards are colorcoded, the simplified characters in pink and the traditional. Chinese character flashcards mdbg chinese dictionary. These full colored flashcards make learning fun as a companion piece to gus on the go. Check out our number and color flash cards for mandarin chinese and spanish. Download free chinese pdf flashcard hsk 1 adobe acrobat.

Flashcards are probably among the most effective ways to learn the chinese language. Perhaps youd like to update some characters on the flashcards to be more accurate, e. Bring gus on the go to life with this free set of mandarin chinese numbers flashcard set. Arch chinese printable chinese character flashcard maker.

Printable mandarin chinese and spanish flash cards parents. The best learning method is finding what learning method audio, visual, writing, reading, watching, questioning yourself, etc. If you are aware of a multilingual health resource, produced in australia, please register it here or let us know. Many learners already know that doing your own mandarin flashcards helps to memorize what you are writing. Every time you press next, you get a new random character. The centre for culture, ethnicity and health has been contracted to manage and improve health translations. Character is printed on one side, definition and pinyin pronunciation on the other. To display this wordlist as online flash cards or as a multiple choice vocabulary quiz, click the navigation links to the right.

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